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Empty Products May

May 27, 2020

Another empty products post for you! This time I’m talking about three products that I absolutely loved using!

I purposely chose these empty products as they all work together in a beautiful harmony!

We’ve got the Tatcha Water Cream, Dr.Jart+ Peptidin Firming Serum, and lastly the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

Let’s start with the Tatcha Water Cream. I picked this up as part of a mini’s set from Sephora South Beach back in November. I had been longing to try some Tatcha products for a long time, and oh my gosh it was worth the hype. The cream sank into the skin without any sticky residue, leaving an ultra-silky and hydrated base. Infused with Japanese Wild Rose, the Water Cream proclaimed to help with the appearance of pores – however this isn’t something I noticed. Overall, if you’re someone who suffers from an oily complexion, I think you could enjoy this product.

$20 (US Only) | 10ml (Travel Size) | Tatcha

Now, the Dr.Jart+ Peptidin Firming Serum was a product I wasn’t initially a fan of. Retailing at £33.90 for 40ml, I was expecting huge results. However, once I began pairing it with the other two products in this post, it was then I started to appreciate the product. The serum helped retain my skins ‘bounce’ and plumpness that may have left from the exfoliation, whilst helping soothe my skin. It works wonders as a post-exfoliation serum, and I would definitely recommend it.

£33.90 | 40ml | Cult Beauty

Last but certainly not least is the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA; pretty much everyone has tried this, leaving a glowing review. And due to those amazing reviews, I knew I had to try it. I longed for smooth, radiant skin, and this product claimed to achieve that. Paula’s Choice claim this is a daily exfoliant, but I felt three times a week was enough. As part of my evening routine, I swept this across my t-zone and jawline, and honestly… The results spoke for themselves. My skin was glowing, my pores looked less visible, and the glow was real! The only downside is that applying too much can leave your skin feeling slightly ‘slimy’, but hey! Less is always more.

£10 | 30ml | Cult Beauty

How did you like that? More Empty Reviews coming soon

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