My Mini Merit Haul | UK Launch

March 26, 2023

I’ve been wanting to try Merit for so long, and with them finally launching in the UK, I did a mini haul of some of their best sellers.

Firstly, I would like to mention if you’re in the UK, and wanting to do a Merit haul, then expect to wait a little while for delivery. I ordered on a Monday, and didn’t receive it until the following Tuesday. Which isn’t bad, but I think we’re so used to express delivery, it took me by surprise. Plus, they don’t accept any form of Klarna/pay later methods. Nor do they accept PayPal.

For the products themself, they’re alright! The complexion stick feels really different than what I’m used too (I normally go for skin tint, and even then I sheer it out). Initially, this clung to dry patches I didn’t even know I had, but the second and third time I applied it I used a thicker moisturiser and that helped it look more skin-like.

The Flush Balm is super subtle and practically undetectable (to the point where it looks nonexistent). But I do like that, as sometimes I just want a tiny flush of colour to warm my ghostly skin up.

My favourite of the three is the lip oil, although the applicator does feel a little cheap. There’s zero stickiness, and feels like an actual oil – rather than an oil/gloss hybrid like other brands. Plus, when applying it at night, I still feel the moisture by morning.

Overall, I will continue to use them, and I will most likely pick up more from them.

Have you tried anything from Merit?
Happy to see them launch in the UK?

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