My Skincare Travel Kit

October 27, 2021

I’m flying to London this week, and I am only taking hand-luggage, so I’ve got to cut out the big bottles, and only pack the essentials! I’m wanting skincare products that are either multi-taskers, will help speed up my routine, or will actually fit in my little travel kit…

Here’s what’s in my skincare travel kit:

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash [PR from Tonic 15]

You can add a little bit of water so the consistency is similar to a face scrub or add a lot of water and it transforms into a foamy cleanser. I absolutely love using this when I want to speed up my routine.

Caudalie Vinergetic C+ Serum [PR]

A super milky vitamin c serum that feels like a lightweight moisturiser, I actually love to mix it in with the Caudalie Mattifying Moisturiser for a super nourishing one-and-done step.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial

Heaven in a bottle. Honestly. This is a serum-oil hybrid like no other. It’s jam-packed full skin-loving ingredients and will be a perfect post-flight skin-reviver. Plus, it works as a serum, moisturiser, and oil!

Zitsticka Megashade Sunscreen Serum SPF50

This really is my favourite sunscreen. I’ve been using this non-stop since my friend gifted it to me, and I never want this to end. Incredibly hydrating, broad-spectrum, zero white-cast, and soothes breakouts; what more could you want?

Nip+Fab Retinol Fix Eye Treatment

I’m really enjoying this, but it’s way too soon to tell if it works! But so far there’s been zero irritation, no dryness, and no milia!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask [Apple Lime]

I really love the Laneige Lip Masks, but don’t be fooled thinking you only have to use these at night! I’ll be using this during the flight, and post-flight to ensure my lips stay super hydrated and moisturised!

I hope I’m not missing anything! But let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up doing some skincare shopping anyways!

This will actually be flying since the pandemic started – I think the last flight I took was Miami to London in November 2019, which honestly feels like a million years ago.

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