REVIEW: 01 Day Cream | Dr Jackson’s

June 18, 2021

Are you looking for a luxurious day cream that has broad-spectrum SPF coverage? Then continuing reading, because you will love Dr Jackson’s Day Cream!

Now, let me tell you when I say this review is long overdue… Dr Jackson’s sent me a bunch of their products last summer and they have become such a staple in my routine. Dr Jackson’s 01 Day Oil was reviewed here.

Firstly, the packaging… Not even will a chef’s kiss cover how amazing the packaging is. If you purchase the full size (50ml), the Dr Jackson’s Day Cream will come in an amber-glass classic apothecary jar that looks stunning on anyone’s vanity. It’s luxe, for sure. You’ll also receive a spatular which will ensure your fingers never need to touch inside.

Secondly, the texture… It’s rich, velvety, and melts into the skin like butter! (I love that phrase, don’t I?) With a blend of Marula seed oilsunflower seed oil, shea butter, and baobab seed oil, the cream sounds heavy, right? Not at all. It honestly feels light-as-a-feather on your skin. You know I don’t like shea butter in my cosmetics, but this is the only exception. It’s also made with squalene and glycerine, which are going to ensure your skin locks in that hydration!

There are so many amazing powers inside this Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream

I love to use it alone and let it do its thing: cleanse, tone, let my skin dry, and then this.

On another fantastic note, the SPF is 30! With UVA/UVB broad-spectrum coverage. How good is that? I mean, if it was SPF50, i’d love it even more, but never mind! There’s no excuse to not use an SPF every day when one this good is on the market!

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