Review: AHA + BHA Peeling Solution | The Ordinary

Peeling Solution

May 27, 2020

We’ve all seen The Ordinary Peeling Solution by now haven’t we? The mask went viral with the gen-Z’ers on TikTok. And for great reasons too; it’s affordable, visually iconic, and has proven by many to be incredibly effective. 

However, this mask/peel is not for the faint-hearted, and you should be wary of incorporating these types of products into your routine.  

Firstly, what are the claims?

The Ordinary Peeling Solution uses AHA 30% to help exfoliate the skins topmost surface to reveal a brighter, and more even tone. Whilst the BHA 2% will offer a deeper exfoliation to help fight visible blemishes. With continued use, the solution can help with the appearance of fine lines and texture.

Secondly, does the Peeling Solution work?

Hell yes! This is probably one of the best products from Deciem / The Ordinary. 

Lastly, how do I use it?

Cleanse your face and wait for it to dry. Then, apply evenly across the face and neck, but always avoid the eye area! You must only leave this on for a maximum of 10 minutes – if it’s your first time, try a cool 2 / 3 minutes. Followed by 5 minutes a week later, and so on… Do not use more than twice a week, but once a week will give you results! Leaving the peeling solution on for longer than the suggested time does not equate to better results. If you’re new to chemical exfoliation, please be aware that this product may look cool on your TikTok, but it’s not to be messed with! Research everything, and always speak with a licensed professional before trying these types of products. 

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