REVIEW: Blue Mint Cleanser | Lani

Lani Blue Mint Cleanser

July 3, 2020

Following on from my Lani Radiance Mask Review, I want to talk to you about their Blue Mint Facial Cleanser! Which Lani kindly sent to me in PR.

Lani claims that the Blue Mint Cleanser leaves your skin cleansed, detoxed, but yet never stripped, and you know what? They’re absolutely right! This is a great second step in your routine, following on from your oil/balm cleanser, or a revigorating morning wakeup.

Additionally, just like the Radiance Mask, this comes in a powder form and is activated upon mixing with water. And whilst a powder cleanser can seem a little off-putting when you’re still half asleep, if you push through that and bask in the minty-goodness, then you’ll truly enjoy this cleanser.

Let’s breakdown some of the goodness inside:

Firstly, this cleanser contains a healthy dose of Kaolin, which can help cleanse the skin by absorbing any excess oil.

There’s also oats in there too, which can be incredibly soothing on the skin. 

The cleanser contains Jojoba Oil. Which in my opinion, is one of the greatest ingredients in the world! Jojoba oil can help regulate your skins natural sebum production as it’s so similar to the sebum your skin naturally produces! Making it perfect for pretty much all skin types!

Finally, peppermint oil! Peppermint Oil is known for dilating the blood vessels and stimulating your senses, providing you with that cooling sensation. Amazing, right?

This cleanser is perfect for summer! It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and would be perfect after a long summer day.

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