Review: Deviant Skincare | Pigmentation Correct Serum

Pigmentation Correction Serum Deviant Skincare

April 7, 2022

Could this be one of the greatest serums ever made? 😮⁣ Deviant Skincare kindly gifted me their new Pigmentation Corrector Serum back in February 2022, and I’ve had been using it every evening since.

There’s honestly nothing on the market that even comes close to it. I would say perhaps the Face Theory Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum could give you similar results, but the ingredients are totally different! This one is super, super gentle, and you can pair it with Retinoids, AHAs, or any other form of exfoliation, and not worry from sensitisation.

(The bottle featured is now completely empty)

Although I’ve always thought I had dull skin (which is a fair assumption as I don’t leave my house, drink too much, and practically live in a cave), I’ve never really been attracted to Pigmentation focused skincare products, but I honestly didn’t realise HOW dull my skin was until I started to use this.⁣

Chef’s kiss. Incredible. Gold Medal. 5/5 stars. If you’re looking for a Pigmentation Corrector, then I 100% recommend the one from Deviant Skincare.

Have you tried this or anything else from Deviant Skincare?⁣ I’ve tried pretty much every single product from them. Well, no, I have tried every single product! And this one is close to being my favourite (nothing takes the top spot from the Blue Tansy Cleaning Concentrate).

What’s new in the skincare world? I’ve been gone too damn long.

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