REVIEW: Good Molecules Toner & Exfoliating Treatment

Good Molecules

May 20, 2020

Y’know when you try products from a brand, and it just feels like angels have been sent down from heaven to lay a kiss on your forehead? That’s how I feel about The Good Molecules Toner & Exfoliating Treatment!

Let’s start with the brand itself!

Not only are Good Molecules incredibly supportive of skincare bloggers, but their products are super affordable. Plus, the product measurements are super generous too! $14 for 120ml toner? Yes please! You could build a whole routine for under $50!

The cool kids at BeautyLish kindly sent me a bunch of products to try (with no obligation to write about/share), and so far I’ve got to say… I’m very impressed!

Let’s talk about The Good Molecules Toner & Exfoliating Treatment!

The Niacinamide Brightening Toner and The Overnight Exfoliating Treatment have been standouts for me! (I haven’t opened the other products yet)

In fact, I’m almost running out of the Niacinamide Brightening Toner and it’s only been a month or so! $14 for 120ml you really can’t complain!

The toner contains niacinamide and vitamin c, so it’s going to be great to help improve the appearance of large pores and hyperpigmentation. For me personally, it’s really helped with my dullness caused by stubborn pimples! Guess what? It’s also alcohol-free!

I loved using it in the morning, and then swapping it out for The Overnight Exfoliating Treatment in the evening.

With 10% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, The Overnight Exfoliating Treatment is going to help smooth away dead skin cells, to reveal soft glowing skin! Remember with any exfoliating products, you need to build your tolerance for it.

I would recommend using it once a week for a week, twice a week for two weeks, etc (you get the idea). And just to be safe, always try and avoid using retinol, other acids, vitamin C when you use this!

30ml for $6 is incredible! It’s one of the most affordable exfoliating treatments on the market. Plus, you only need one or two drops for your whole face (less is always more with treatments), so you really do get a bang for your buck!

Have you tried any products from Good Molecules?

I’ve got my eye on the Caffeine Eye Patches and the Clarify and Cleanse Bar

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