Review: Kale + Green Tea Superfood Cleanser | Youth to the People

Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

May 2, 2020

Finding Youth to the People products in the UK is like finding a pot of gold: chances are it’s not gonna happen, or if it is, it will be on eBay for 3 times the price. When visiting Miami a few months ago, I had to pick some up! Venturing out to a million Sephoras, everything but the Kale + Green Tea Cleanser was out of stock, which is sad but such is life.

I was so overwhelmed with the selection of brands, I couldn’t decide which to purchase. So rather than spending lots of money on one large bottle, I bought three minis. That makes sense, right? I’ve already polished off two bottles, and I’m onto my last. And guess what? I love.

My skin is quite oily but can get quite dehydrated, so when it comes to cleansers, I need to stick to simple products. And the YTTP Kale + Green Tea Cleanser is incredibly rich in vitamins, cold-pressed extracts, and 100% vegan goodness!! Winner winner, veggie dinner.

Following on, another great thing about this product is the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle meaning it’s recyclable – I have seen people up-cycle the bottles into tiny vases!

What does the YTTP Kale + Green Tea Cleanser do?

Give your skin the ultimate cleanse
Balance pH without drying or stripping

In conclusion, does the Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea Cleanser work? Hell yes! This is perfect for a super refreshing morning cleanse, or as a second cleanse in the evening!

Now Youth to the People, when are you gonna launch in the UK? Cause I need more!

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