Review: Superfood AHA Glow Booster | Elemis

Elemis Superfood

May 3, 2020

Today I’m reviewing the Superfood AHA Glow Booster from Elemis. Let’s start by saying I haven’t seen this product reviewed anywhere, and now you’re probably gonna find out why.

Firstly, the booster is totally different from any product I’ve tried.

Visually, it doesn’t look like a typical exfoliating product. For example, the product is bright orange, with a large green nozzle. The consistency has a water consistency that ‘activates’ to an oil when you shake it. And Elemis say to apply three drops to the entire face.

Now, I’m not sure whose face they tested this on. Three drops didn’t even cover my forehead and after the first few times of using it, I didn’t like it.

There were no major results. Usually, you will have a slight tingling sensation which could tell you that the product is working. However, there was none of that.

The first thing to remember is to not try the next step at home…

I began to use it as a booster on top of my other exfoliating products, and the results were amazing! I felt like the AHA Booster actually improved the other products, and I found myself needing to exfoliate less!

We both know that’s probably not very safe, but I felt like this was the only option for me to make use of this product. In conclusion, it’s not very good.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s quite sensitive, and you’re wary of introducing a strong chemical exfoliation into your routine, this might be a great product for you. But to be honest, there is much better on the market!

Lastly, do I think it’s worth the splurge of £27? No.

Nevertheless will I continue using it? Yes! I’m gonna continue testing it both by itself and on top other products.

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