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January 25, 2023

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you’ll most likely not know I’ve been on a supplements journey with The Nue Co since October 2022.

~All products received in PR btw~

I’ve been taking The Nue Co Debloat+ supplements twice a day since mid-August, along with the Skin Filter supplements once a day. I tried to be as consistent as possible, but some days I just completely forgot about them! Plus, there was a week in October when I ran out and hadn’t had a new delivery. So yeah, mostly consistent 😅.

I found the Debloat+ supplements to provide noticeable differences a lot sooner — after a few weeks, I felt and looked less bloated and have not really had any abdominal pain since. So I’m pretty happy to continue with these!

The Skin Filter supplements I have enjoyed taking, and I think they worked for me? My skin has been brighter and more fresh than usual. But it’s tough to say because I have been using a lot more retinoids than usual, so it’s like what’s skincare / what’s supplement? So I think I’ll be taking a pause on these for now!

But as we’re going into the feasting season, I’m going to be adding in the Pre+Pro supplements for some double-time gut health. A lot of you have RAVED about the Pre+Pro supplements, so I’m hopeful! 🤞

Side note: would you be offended if someone gave you supplements as a gift? 👀 Because you can use code Skintrichard and save 20% 💥

Thanks so much for reading 😊. For frequent updates, aesthetic images, and video content, follow me on Instagram!