Review: Special Healing Powder | Mario Badescu

Healing Powder

May 28, 2020

Hello, today we’re reviewing the Special Healing Powder from Mario Badescu.

But firstly, I want to start off this post by saying my reviews are always 100% honest, a summary of my own experience, and please never take advice from the internet. Do your own research, read ingredients, and meet with a licensed professional.

When you read the name ‘Mario Badescu’, what do you think?

My first thoughts are Urban Outfitters, TikTok, and controversies. Mario Badescu is a brand that is loved with Gen-Z’ers but discouraged by fake-woke influencers – most likely due to the legal action against Mario Badescu.

In contrast to that, it’s a brand that I don’t mind. I try to ignore a lot of the beauty drama. If a brand sells a product I’m interested in, I’m going to try it and review it! It’s honestly as simple as that. The exclusion would be if R K*lly came out with a skincare line, I would not be trying that.

I’ve tried a few products from Mario Badescu: numerous facial sprays, the drying lotion, and now the Special Healing Powder.

The Special Healing Powder was a birthday gift from my boyfriend; he loves buy me unusual products that I would never purchase myself.

Described as a multi-purpose powder that absorbs excess oil, the product helps fights shine and helps decongest pores.

So it’s makeup?

Well, yes, kinda? Maybe not.

You can use it two ways: you can mix it in with your setting powder and lightly dust it to set your makeup. Which results in a matte finish, giving the result of true mannequin-like skin.

Alternatively, you can use this as the last step in your evening routine. Once your serums are soaked in and your moisturiser has locked in all that goodness. Coat your whole face (or just problem areas), with this powder and head to sleep.

So does the Special Healing Powder work?

For sure! I woke up and I was truly shocked; I had three pimples that were ready to erupt, and they had vanished. And I’m not just talking about they decreased in size. They were gone! No redness, no initiation, and no existence of them. My complexion was balanced, my skin felt softer, and honestly just looking great!

I could not believe it; I ran to my boyfriend and said “look at my skin!”.

The only downside is the puff that comes with it. It doesn’t do a good job of blending the powder into your skin. But hey, if you already have a powder brush, then I’d suggest using that!

To conclude, if you’re someone who suffers from stubborn breakouts, this could be great for you! I’ve ditched using it during the day, and now dedicate two nights a week purely for this; cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser and a layer of this!

Thanks so much for reading 😊. For frequent updates, aesthetic images, and video content, follow me on Instagram!