Ultra-Simple Evening Routine

October 6, 2020

Today I want to talk to you about my ultra-simple Evening Routine, featuring some of my most favourite products/items. 

First up is my BeWater Bottle. Now, although this isn’t technically apart of my evening routine. I always take a full bottle of water to bed, so technically… It’s a part of my routine. They kindly sent me the Clarity Glass – Amethyst and Rock Crystal Water Bottle. This is such an unusual product, and I love it! Amethyst is associated with an increase of awareness, sense of justice, and inner peace. Whilst the rock crystal can help amplify the strength of other crystals. The would make a great gift for Christmas! Plus, 2020 has been hard enough… We could all use the power of crystals, right?
£29.95 | Received in PR | Be Magic 

Now onto the skincare…

All of the products featured have become sort of bookend products for me, I’ll use them as my base routine, whilst switching out the serums depending on my needs and desires. 

Step 01: Cleanse

When I saw that Cerave announced a brand new cleanser, a hybrid of their world-famous Hydrating cleanser, with their foam cleanser I knew I had to have it! The Hydrating Cleanser saved my skin when I first introduced tretinoin into my routine. But the only negative I had was that it didn’t lather or foam as much as I liked. Well, hello, cream-to-foam! This one incorporates all the goodness from their original hydrating cleanser: ceramics, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid, but with a bit extra lather! Perfect! I’ve got absolutely no criticism with this what’s so ever!
£12.47 | 236ml | Purchased in Boots store | Not available online

Step 02: Tone and Treat

I have a special place in my heart (and skincare shelf) for Skyn Iceland. They were the first luxury/high-end brand I purchased, with their stand-in M&S Manchester grabbed my attention, and well, I’ve never looked back. The Nordic Skin Peel is no exception. I use these two to three times a week, when my skin is feeling lacklustre, and they do a great job at keeping my skin smooth and balanced. Each pad is packed full of AHAs, papaya fruit extract, and white willow back that all work in harmony to exfoliate, tone, and soothe the skin – perfect for a lazy evening routine.
£38.90 | 60 pads 90ml | Feel Unique

Step 03: Moisturise

Keeping the skin healthy and hydrated we’ve got the Vitamin B, C, and E Moisturiser from The Inkey List. If you’re someone who finds 99.9% of moisturisers slightly too thick, then this one would be great for you. I would describe it as a hybrid between a gel and a cream moisturiser. It absorbs instantly, leaving nothing but plump, moisturised skin. My only negative is that there seemed to be quite a lot of air in the bottle, which occasionally caused a little trump noise… Ha! But, I am so close to running out of this, and I would purchase this again. 
£4.99 | 50ml | Cult Beauty

And that’s it for my Ultra-Simple Evening Routine. As much as I love to use serums and oils, sometimes I absolutely love to keep it minimal.

See anything you like?

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